Our Services

Human Resources

  • Develop employee manuals tailored by state 
  • Provide basic MSO-wide, HR software platform to operate HR functions 
  • Ensure practices are collecting and reporting employee-related data to U.S. and respective state agencies 
  • Help HR teams reinforce legal and regulatory compliance 
  • Provide planning sessions to achieve SWOT analysis, develop vision, mission and value statements and build goals, strategies, objectives and measurable outcomes 
  • Administer and interpret employee surveys that take “pulse” of work environment and create effective action plans to address strengths, challenges, leadership development and learning opportunities  
  • Find training resources to help build skill level and support practice change initiatives

Accounting and Finance

  • Ensure proper accounting for all aspect of practice revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, etc.
  • Provide cost and revenue insights to improve the margins of the practice
  • Oversee and approve capital expenditures (Capex)
  • Help practice produce and execute annual financial projections and budget
  • Ensure practice complies with all legal and regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Provide guarantees for tenant space and capital equipment leases and financing programs
  • May co-invest in practice market expansion activities  

Business Development

  • Support existing practice business development activities
  • Provide support and review regarding: preparation of short and long-term business plan; marketing materials; branding strategy; digital marketing; public relations; website development
  • Develop business expansion plans in the event of co-investment 

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Ensure metrics are in place to generate timely standard and ad-hoc management reports
  • Review practice billing procedures, including: proper coding, reporting, pricing, timely claims submission, credit and debit adjustments etc., including communication of current billing trends


  • Provide practice templates and related tools to ensure clinicians and lab personnel are meticulously capturing and reporting all required and necessary data to billing, SART and regulatory agencies 
  • Provide overview and guidance to practice of proper staffing levels based on physician practice pattern and preferences, patient volume and staff competencies 
  • Provide overview periodic joint practice—MSO review of tenant space leases and NNN settlements
  • Meet with administrative staff to provide management coaching/training seminars to ensure that practice is up to date with pertinent federal and state standards 

Compliance and Education

  • Develop clinical guidelines and care standards for the practice
  • Oversee and monitor compliance program implementation
  • Provide regular reporting to leadership, CEO and compliance committee on the progress of implementation
  • Establish methods to improve efficiency and quality of services, and reduce vulnerability to fraud, abuse and waste
  • Respond to government investigations and queries as the principal point of contact
  • Independently investigate and act on matters related to compliance, 
  • Develop policies and programs that encourage managers and employees to report suspected fraud and other improprieties without fear of retaliation  

Information Technology

  • Choose and install computer network services that are reliable, secure, and high-performance with an emphasis on cybersecurity, ensuring that practice data is readily available 24/7/365
  • Set-up and create secure email, allowing clients to communicate from a variety of devices
  • Select, install, and develop maintenance planning for computer hardware (e.g. desktop computers, laptops, printers, etc.)
  • Create and implement backup & disaster recovery systems to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances
  • Provide mission-critical timeliness in provision of practice service calls
  • Assure that all systems are HIPAA compliant and conform to any other national medical industry standards
  • Ensure proper evaluations of IT systems are constantly conducted  

Data and Analytics

  • Provide business-wide data activities, standardization, accessibility, and governance in an environment that makes data accessible to all department
  • Regulate how the business captures, maintains, and presents data and information to measure key business processes and performance which include dashboards, KPIs, data visualization tools and software, and all forms of reporting
  • Build the business’s data management program and optimizing how the business uses data both internally and externally
  • Partner closely with IT, determining how best to leverage data assets that support the business’s strategy  

Legal and Risk Management

  • Provide training, procedures, protocols and practices to mitigate practice risks (e.g. Physicians being sued by patients) 
  • Prepare, implement and monitor policies for compliance with requirements such as fraud and abuse, HIPAA Privacy and Security, and state statutes and regulations  

Architecture, Engineering & Building

  • Complete, turn-key design, building and oversight of clinics, engineering of fertility clinics, embryology labs and surgery centers
  • All facilities designed and built to Medicare standards 
  • Capable of operationalizing facilities to include staffing, furniture, fixtures and equipment, licensure (where applicable) and all IT systems to include clinical, business, and accounting