Our Strengths

Eden is the premier MSO with both a quality and cost advantage relative to its less flexible competitors. Practices will appreciate Eden’s administration services and related consulting. Eden will leverage its competitive edge:  

Unmatched Customer Attention

Beyond the fact that the entire organization adopts a customer-centric approach to business, all of Eden’s service offerings concentrate on providing each practice with the strong services to meet the practice’s particular needs. 

Cost Advantages

By forming meaningful strategic alliances Eden is able to offer top-quality services at a reasonable price by leveraging the proficiencies of particular partners and not getting distracted from its core competency of offering comprehensive benefits administration programs.

Management Advantages

With executives’ experience and industry relationships, Eden is uniquely positioned to acquire practices both domestically and internationally.

All levels of Eden management have strong skills and knowledge of healthcare in general and specifically within the fertility sector.

Partner practices will be joining a physician focused MSO, whose inclusive business model not only allows, but encourages, the financial participation of partner practitioners.

An executive team that offers strong, direct, operational knowledge of all aspects of fertility product, excellent clinical and risk management skills, as well as a pre-set clinical education and training program.

Large scale operations that provide partner practices economies of scale, while partners maintain local “hands on” management and a singular focus on clinical management.

The ability to provide additional passive as well as actual revenue stream, via ASLs, real estate, Rx and shared risk products.